Shingle Roofing Greenville

Shingle roofing is an excellent choice for your home when it comes to protecting the interior from water and mold damage. It’s important to know that shingle roofs are not just one type of material, but there are many different types including synthetic materials, metal, and cedar wood shingles. The most common type of shingle is asphalt or fiberglass-based because they’re affordable and easy to install. However, due to its low cost manufacturers include a lot of extra chemicals in these products which can cause health problems such as respiratory issues or skin irritation.

Shingle roof replacement for homes

A shingle roof replacement is a common home improvement project that homeowners can complete on their own. This blog post will show you the steps to replacing your shingle roof so you can save money and time hiring professionals. 

There are many benefits of doing a shingle roof replacement yourself, including saving money and being able to customize your new roof like choosing colors or adding an extra layer for insulation.

Affordable roof repair and shingle installation

Greenville Roofing Master is a company that has been in the roofing industry for years, and we are committed to providing quality work at reasonable prices. We have a team of qualified professionals who will fix your leaky or damaged roof with shingle installation, flashing repair, ventilation clearing and more. Whether you need to call them out for emergency repairs on a Saturday morning or want to schedule an appointment during normal business hours.


Whether it’s a new roof or repairing an old one, our team has got you covered! For more information about our company or for how we can help solve your problems with your roof call (252) 436 8250 now.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of roofing contractors in Greenville, North Carolina. Why choose us over the others? There are many reasons why! To start with, we are local residents ourselves; right here in Greenville. Not only do we know the area well, but we also understand the needs and concerns of our community.  As local residents, we know firsthand what it means to live in the Greenville area. Our families are here and our friends and neighbors are too. We care about this community and want to do everything we can for it!

We understand that you need a roofing contractor that is reliable, trustworthy, friendly, and knowledgeable. And more importantly, you want a company that offers superior workmanship. We know we can provide you with all of these things and more!

Our team is made up of experienced, licensed roofers who are highly skilled and dedicated to doing quality work. Our staff is honest, hardworking, and knowledgeable about roofing techniques and products related to today’s modern roofs and designs. They are always willing to help and offer expert advice on your roofing needs.

We provide both residential and commercial services so whatever you need, we can handle it! Our staff is prepared to help whether you’re dealing with an emergency or if you want a routine maintenance check-up of your current roof.